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First table foosball game on virtual reality!

Available now on Steam Early Access!

With the full release coming later this year.


We have prioritized the release and decided to start with Steam store and support Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets on Windows OS.

*Regarding Playstation VR we plan to evaluate technological capabilities of this platform later on based on registered customer interest.


Foosball VR comes on Steam Early Access – on 9th of February 2018. What does it mean?
As an early access member you will have:

  • lower purchase price,
  • big impact on the game evolution path,
  • the opportunity of being one of the first people to play the game.

We strongly believe that early access program is the way to go for us and for our game fans.

This Steam Early Access game is currently not a finished game and may or may not change significantly over the course of development. To learn more about Steam Early Access, please visit



We offer three levels of AI skills – easy, medium and hard. Each of these layers differs in terms of AI reaction time, reaction speed, execution speed etc. All those elements combined will alter the level of player’s challenge.



The gameplay is all about ball control. The player controls the axis by grabbing the handle and moving/rotating it like he would be doing it in the real world. The feedback is instantaneous which enforces precision.


The advantage of virtual reality is that we can do things not possible in real world. For example, when a player grabs the defence rows the offensive rows could raise automatically so they do not block a possible shot.

P2P MULTIPLAYER (Coming later on)

Would you like to play against real humans? Have no worries, we will support the combination of 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2 and even human plus AI on one team. Players will be able to specify how they would like to play and find a match.

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